Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer



I read Cinder a long time ago and remember that I absolutely loved it and could not wait for the sequel. Knowing that Scarlet had come out, I re-read Cinder so I was sure to remember every last detail and then Launched into Scarlet immediately. I think I read them both in four days. 

Cinder – I fell in love with Cinder immediately, both the book and the title character. I loved that she was a renowned mechanic and that the Prince liked her immediately. Her relationship with Iko was so interesting. Really, the mere idea of Iko was awesome. I was also really impressed with Cinder’s relationship with Peony. I was neat to see what Meyer did to make slight changes to the original Cinderella tale and also what she kept the same. I was really impressed with the fact that I could clearly see the ties to the classic tale, but it did not feel like I was reading a retelling. After reading “Splintered”, I was worried that maybe when I revisited “Cinder” I would feel a similar disappointment, but I did not. I loved it as much as the first time. 

Scarlet – I actually liked Scarlet even more than Cinder. At the very beginning of the book, when Scarlett was being introduced, I was worried that the entire book would be dedicated to new characters and my beloved Cinder and Kai would be ignored. I need not have worried. Meyer masterfully kept Cinder involved in the story while still taking the time to paint a perfect picture of Scarlet and Wolf. Again, the ties to the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood were there, but were not overwhelming and still allowed the story to stand on its own. In the end, Cinder and Scarlet were perfectly integrated with each other and their stories were set up perfectly to continue on together.  

These books are definite must reads… but beware… having to wait another entire year to see what happens next is going to be VERY difficult!



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