Ready Player One by Ernest Cline



Growing up, I would spent multiple hours throughout the day watching my brother play video games. There were only certain games I enjoyed watching, however, as some were just not interesting. The games I enjoyed were games that had a storyline. I liked watching things unfold. I liked helping him on quests. From Zelda to Super Mario Brothers to Final Fantasy Seven. For me, it was like watching a movie that I could help shape. I could help my brother find items and tell him to look out when he was about to be pulverized by a Koopa. If you are anything like me, you will love this book.

Ready Player One is an incredibly well written book. My favorite part about it is that you know the ending before it begins. The first chapter tells you who will prevail in this battle of good versus evil. This takes some of the stress out of reading the book, yet somehow I was still on the edge of my seat throughout. The idea of video gaming progressing to the point where people can spend almost their entire lives inside a game is chillingly realistic. Somehow, Cline managed to paint a perfect picture of the dilapidated real world as well as the virtual world in which most people spend their time. I never once had any difficulty visualizing either of the two settings in this book. The characters were perfect and when they all met in real life… wow. Awesome. I definitely recommend this book. It was really fun to read and I loved every minute of it!


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