Splintered by A. G. Howard



When I first heard about this book I thought, wow, what an awesome idea. A new twist on one of my absolute favorite books of all time. I could not wait to read it. 

I was so disappointed. It took me a long time to pinpoint why I was not enjoying it. The storyline was not bad. The characters were interesting. Still, I found myself distracted and had a hard time getting through it. Then, it finally occurred to me what the problem was… I couldn’t picture it. In my opinion, there just was not enough description of any of the settings in the story. I have a pretty good imagination and read ALOT so I don’t usually have this problem. I was constantly trying to imagine where the characters were and what they were doing. I had a really hard time with this. I will probably still read the sequel because I can’t stand not reading sequels but I will not be rushing out to get it!


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