Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver



I started this series when it first came out. The third book was just released so I re-read the first two again to make sure I remembered every single detail.

After the first chapter of Delirium, I was hooked. The idea that in the future Love is seen as a disease is incredibly intriguing. Its really interesting to think of a world where is is common place for people to undergo an operation so that they are unable to love. It is not completely crazy to imagine a world in which this is the case. I really enjoyed the characters but I especially liked the various aspects of the setting. I think Oliver did a fantastic job describing Lena’s world. I also think Oliver did a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat. The ending of this book was fabulous!

I didn’t love Pandemonium quite as much as I loved Delirium, but it was still excellent. I think the reason I wasn’t quite as enraptured was because there was no Alex throughout the book. I really liked Alex so I felt a bit of a loss not having him around for this book. I also found myself feeling sad for Julian a lot of the time. I did like that I learned about the DFA and that they were working with the scavengers. I did like that Lena got to see her mom (even though it was a fleeting moment). Again, I loved her descriptions of all the settings. And, of course, THE ENDING! Possibly the most cliff hanger of an ending I’ve ever read. I think I actually gasped out loud!


I was thrilled when I finally got to read the last installment of this fantastic trilogy. I thought it was the perfect ending. Lena’s struggle to decide between Alex and Julian was very realistic. I loved that she got to see her mom again and fight next to her. I also loved that I finally got to hear Hanna’s perspective. Not just because it was Hana but because it was the perspective of a cured. I read a lot of reviews of this book and a lot of people were angry about the ending. They felt it wasn’t “wrapped up” and there were a lot of questions unanswered. I, for one, enjoyed this about the book. I thought it wrapped up most loose ends and the ones left to my imagination allowed me to envision where the characters ended up. All in all, a great trilogy!


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