Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger



The circumstances surrounding this book made it even more fun for me to read. I will explain. I am part of a really wicked book club on Goodreads. One of the girls running it came up with the idea of mailing a book around to people, reading it, adding a postcard from your city or town and then passing it along. This was the book and I was first on the list. Very exciting! I just hoped that I would like the book so I would not have to disappoint the person who chose it.

I was in luck. This book was awesome. The main character, Joey Magnolis, is one of the coolest kids ever. I found myself wishing I could meet him on multiple occasions. And its not just because he manages to become friends with all kinds of famous people (that happens BECAUSE he is so awesome), it is just the way he exists. His persistence and insight is amazing yet you still believe his is a kid. His letters from the president and just the way in which he communicates with the president are believable. The events in the book are so fantastical that it would be easy to just say “yah right, like that could ever happen” and walk away, yet for some reason I found myself saying “Yah, I can see that”. Well done, Kluger. 

This book made me laugh out loud, tear up and it even made me think harder about the world around me. Another successful read!


One thought on “Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger

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