Delirium, Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver



I started this series when it first came out. The third book was just released so I re-read the first two again to make sure I remembered every single detail.

After the first chapter of Delirium, I was hooked. The idea that in the future Love is seen as a disease is incredibly intriguing. Its really interesting to think of a world where is is common place for people to undergo an operation so that they are unable to love. It is not completely crazy to imagine a world in which this is the case. I really enjoyed the characters but I especially liked the various aspects of the setting. I think Oliver did a fantastic job describing Lena’s world. I also think Oliver did a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat. The ending of this book was fabulous!

I didn’t love Pandemonium quite as much as I loved Delirium, but it was still excellent. I think the reason I wasn’t quite as enraptured was because there was no Alex throughout the book. I really liked Alex so I felt a bit of a loss not having him around for this book. I also found myself feeling sad for Julian a lot of the time. I did like that I learned about the DFA and that they were working with the scavengers. I did like that Lena got to see her mom (even though it was a fleeting moment). Again, I loved her descriptions of all the settings. And, of course, THE ENDING! Possibly the most cliff hanger of an ending I’ve ever read. I think I actually gasped out loud!


I was thrilled when I finally got to read the last installment of this fantastic trilogy. I thought it was the perfect ending. Lena’s struggle to decide between Alex and Julian was very realistic. I loved that she got to see her mom again and fight next to her. I also loved that I finally got to hear Hanna’s perspective. Not just because it was Hana but because it was the perspective of a cured. I read a lot of reviews of this book and a lot of people were angry about the ending. They felt it wasn’t “wrapped up” and there were a lot of questions unanswered. I, for one, enjoyed this about the book. I thought it wrapped up most loose ends and the ones left to my imagination allowed me to envision where the characters ended up. All in all, a great trilogy!


The Ask and the Answer AND Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness




I absolutely loved book two and three of this trilogy. The women of “The Answer” were badass and I love that they managed to go undetected for so long. The fact that Viola and Todd were split up for so long made the story much more interesting as it allowed them to grow differently and have different influences. Mayor Prentiss was one of the most interesting characters out there. I found myself hating him, yet feeling sorry for him, which is ridiculous after everything he did. In book three, having the Spackle point of view was awesome. It really made the entire idea of the Spackle make much more sense. I really enjoyed the addition of the scouts from Violas homeland as well. All in all a great series. Very well done Mr. Ness!  

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger



The circumstances surrounding this book made it even more fun for me to read. I will explain. I am part of a really wicked book club on Goodreads. One of the girls running it came up with the idea of mailing a book around to people, reading it, adding a postcard from your city or town and then passing it along. This was the book and I was first on the list. Very exciting! I just hoped that I would like the book so I would not have to disappoint the person who chose it.

I was in luck. This book was awesome. The main character, Joey Magnolis, is one of the coolest kids ever. I found myself wishing I could meet him on multiple occasions. And its not just because he manages to become friends with all kinds of famous people (that happens BECAUSE he is so awesome), it is just the way he exists. His persistence and insight is amazing yet you still believe his is a kid. His letters from the president and just the way in which he communicates with the president are believable. The events in the book are so fantastical that it would be easy to just say “yah right, like that could ever happen” and walk away, yet for some reason I found myself saying “Yah, I can see that”. Well done, Kluger. 

This book made me laugh out loud, tear up and it even made me think harder about the world around me. Another successful read!