The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


I am having a really difficult time with this review. I definitely liked this book. But I had a lot of trouble relating to it. I also found Charlie a difficult character because some of the things he wrote in his letters sounded so juvenile and simple, and then other things were so profound. The same with his relationships with his peers. At times he seemed like a little kid tagging along and other times he seemed like the most mature of the group. Maybe that is how Chbosky wanted to make Charlie. A complex character. I guess now that I write this, I realize that this book really made me think and maybe that makes it much better than I originally thought. Maybe the whole point was for people to realize that characters and people are not always cut and dry.

I just realized I am starting to sound like Charlie as I work this out and maybe I should stop and just say… it was a good book 🙂


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