The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


I am having a really difficult time with this review. I definitely liked this book. But I had a lot of trouble relating to it. I also found Charlie a difficult character because some of the things he wrote in his letters sounded so juvenile and simple, and then other things were so profound. The same with his relationships with his peers. At times he seemed like a little kid tagging along and other times he seemed like the most mature of the group. Maybe that is how Chbosky wanted to make Charlie. A complex character. I guess now that I write this, I realize that this book really made me think and maybe that makes it much better than I originally thought. Maybe the whole point was for people to realize that characters and people are not always cut and dry.

I just realized I am starting to sound like Charlie as I work this out and maybe I should stop and just say… it was a good book 🙂


This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

I absolutely LOVE Courtney Summers. I love the way she writes, every one of her characters and the realism of her books. I was intrigued by this book as soon as I saw it on amazon. Reading the description, it did not seem to be like her other books. A zombie book? By Courtney Summers? Strange to say the least. So after pressing ‘order’ and knowing I would have to wait 48 hours before I could dive into the book, I headed to goodreads to read some reviews.

For the most part, all of the reviews said that this book was not a zombie book. Everyone went on about how the book was great, but not a zombie book. I was even more intrigued and was thrilled when I finally got it and started to read.

I first want to say that despite what others have said, I think this was the most realistic Zombie book I have ever read. Most zombie stories involve heroes and people stepping up and fighting for their lives. This book did have a bit of that, but not really. There was no real hero. It didn’t make a zombie apocalypse glorified as so many others have done. It felt real. If felt to me like what would actually happen if zombies took over. People would lock themselves in somewhere and hope for the best. The characters were incredible and the story line was fantastic.


Maze Runner Series by James Dashner


A group of boys are thrown into a maze, one each month, for two years. They exist in a homestead in the centre of the maze where they each have a job, similar to a regular society. They venture into the maze during the day, trying to solve the puzzle in order to escape but must be careful to get back before the maze closes up and the creatures come out and eat everyone…

These books were good. I don’t want to climb the highest mountain and proclaim that everyone in the world should read them, they weren’t quite that good, but they were good.

The plot line got a little bit confusing and people who like to look too far into things and find every little thing that was not fully explored would have a hay-day with these books. I don’t think Mr. Dashner intended to write a deep insightful book, it was just supposed to be fun. I felt that the plot twists and interesting character relationships made it just that – a fun and quick read.